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John Michael Homsey began building in Australia in 1952. He worked as a carpenter on projects in the Victorian country, Melbourne, Albury and Sydney. John settled in Randwick Sydney in 1965 and began to build quality renovations, extensions and new work.

Early in the 1970’s representatives of the then newly formed Building Services Corporation walked on to one of his sites and offended him by asking him if he was a builder – John’s colourful response…

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The construction team calls to let you know that your home has been successfully renovated, and as over the moon as you are, you thought you had more time for the interior design! You have some images in your head about what you want to do, however there are doubts. Will it work? Will it


We have all been there. You notice a slight patch in the ceiling, it could be slightly discoloured, look a little damp or even a soft spot in the wall. It may look small and insignificant right now, however after time that small damp spot on your ceiling could turn into a bathroom overgrown with


Client Testimonials

We commissioned Michael Homsey of JMH Build to construct our architecturally designed house after a 6 month quote and screening process including 3 other builders.

We are very grateful for Michael’s diligence and experience as he quickly spotted deficiencies in the engineer’s plans (who was recommended by the architect !), especially in regards to the building’s footings and foundations.

NSW 2036
10 November, 2017

My wife Caroline and I engaged Michael Homsey of JMH Constructions in September 1999 to undertake extensive renovations of our home at the address above, under a lump sum contract with a base price of approximately $160,000.

We have been very pleased with the outcome of Michael’s work. The work appears to be of good quality and we are not aware of any ongoing problems.

Mark Speakman
NSW 2025
25 May, 2001

My name is Glenn Currie,during Autumn 1995 my wife and I decided on major renovations to our house in Newtown. Along with four or five other Building companies we considered their quotes and Architectural ideas. We thoroughly checked each builder out and their licenses through Building Services.

Glenn & Agnes Currie
NSW 2042
20 July, 1997

In July of 1996, we entered into a Contract with Michael Homsey of J.M.H Constructions to extend our semi in Garrett Street, Kingsford.

We had a preconceived idea as to how we wanted the semi to be finished and looking at the completed job it is exactly what we were after. Michael and his trade’s people were extremely professional in their approach to the job and were always obliging to ensure that all aspects of the job were to our satisfaction.

Jim & Pauline Demos
NSW 2032
9 July, 1997

My name is Aloysius Widjaja, late in 1994 I was in search of a builder for my extension. I has no experience in construction and had several extensive meetings with builders trying to decide on the best one to build my extension.

Michael Homsey trading as J.M.H. Constructions, was one of these builders, his price was higher than the others yet I was comfortable with his approach and character.


Aloysius S. Widjaja
Mascot 2020
1 March, 1997