About Us

J.M.H is a family-owned construction business that has extensive experience and knowledge behind it. Founded by John Michael Homsey in 1952, John began building in Australia on projects across Victorian country, Melbourne, Albury and Sydney. In 1965 he settled in Randwick Sydney, where he began to build quality renovations and work from scratch.

John was given his first builder’s license in the 1970’s by the Building Services Corporation, and continued to work for his loyal clients up until semi retirement in 1986. John’s son, Michael, naturally became interested in the craft and completed his Sydney Building Certificate in 1990.

Michael went on to complete his Bachelor of Building Economics as he has such a genuine interest in the industry, and continues to update and improve above the current standards. John Paul (John’s second son) also grew interested and completed his Diploma in Architectural Drafting, then Bachelor of Building Economics. John Paul (through his architectural background) has expertise in communicating with the architect to translate their interests to the end result.

Michael formed the trading name J.M.H Constructions in 1992 to honour the faultless record of his father. They deal with residential clients and they cover all architectural styles, from traditional to contemporary, and never fail to leave the client satisfied with their new home.

The company has a very solid track record, and they can thank the experience and purpose behind it. The intention of J.M.H is to always complete the best possible product with an extra layer of detail, an extra level of liveability, that helps J.M.H Constructions stand-alone.