Loving Family Homes

The most rewarding part of our job in construction, is feeling the happy emotions shown on the faces of a family when they see their new or newly renovated home. We love the planning and execution of projects and jobs, it is where our passion lies. However at the end of the day, the ability to go home knowing that you are changing someone’s (or a whole families) life for the better, is the icing on the cake.

One of our many projects includes a house transformation in Camperdown. This home started out very worn down, it looked as though it could have been the first one on it’s street! Close to being ruins, the house was still in it’s original form and desperately needed the love and care of professional builders.

The heavy building is being held up by deep 600mm concrete piers and is built on clay foundations. The building is now second to none, and no one would ever guess that it was disintegrating not long beforehand! The team finished the with a smooth render application, through both the interior and exterior.

Being a family home, we ensured that the bedrooms were spacious enough to accommodate each member and their possessions. We wanted the family to feel perfectly comfortable and in place within this house, and call it their home as soon as they walked through the doors. The kids were especially impressed with the spare room on the third floor, quickly being transformed into a playstation room.