Property Upkeep: The Damage Water Leaks Can Do

We have all been there. You notice a slight patch in the ceiling, it could be slightly discoloured, look a little damp or even a soft spot in the wall. It may look small and insignificant right now, however after time that small damp spot on your ceiling could turn into a bathroom overgrown with mould.

What does a water damage look like? Usually located on the ceiling and walls, and commonly around places like your shower, toilet or fridge. The water damage will cause some off-coloured spots, or even a damp appearance. There can be dew spots, some sagging or even bulging. Pay attention to smell as well, the leak will often leave a dewy odour around your home.

The cause of water damage is unfortunately one of a few options. It is possible that your appliances like the washing machine or fridge are the causation from overuse, and it is time to

either repair it or upgrade. Another issue could be your pipes, a plumbing pipe leakage is not uncommon and is difficult to spot until after some damage is already caused, so make sure to keep an eye out! If there have been a few especially humid days, the pipes may even begin to sweat which is another option for the causation of water damage.

Whatever the cause may be, leaving water damage unattended could be fatal to you and your family! Even if the damage seems minuscule, the wet spot and mildew is likely to lead to mould and fungal growth. These moulds release toxins into the air that are very dangerous to your health, especially once it begins to spread.

To keep the snowball effect rolling, once a pipe has leaked it becomes far more likely that it will leak again even if it seems to have stopped. This will cause more water damage, maybe even in a separate part of your wall or ceiling, and therefore create more mould.

So what do we do now? Call the professionals. Getting a plumber in your home to take a look as soon as you can is the key to water damage issues, this will prevent further damage and risk to your family. Remember to watch out for signs of a leaky pipe, and everything will be smooth sailing!