St George Bank Transformation

In the construction industry we face difficult and different challenges on the daily. This can be anything from unrealistic client expectations to out of stock tools and equipment. However these challenges are nothing compared to the hard work and dedication it took to complete the transformation of the St George bank into Opus Store.

Somehow our team was to excavate the entire rear of the building while business ran as usual out the front, however of course we did it! The only way to execute a job like this is to go into the project with full confidence (and a plan of attack).

Complete demolition of a modern day bank is enough of a challenge, without customers and staff occupying the front of the shop. This meant that extra precautions were taken to keep everyone safe, and all equipment was to be transported in from the rear.

Our team was on a very tight schedule to complete this job so that the owners could carry through their grand opening, on a date that was locked in. Despite this, we carried out the major excavation, providing enough depth to expand the building to include a basement. The store now has two levels of shopping plus parking, all being accessed with the newly installed elevator.

Despite the deadline in the back of our minds throughout the entire transformation, we finished the job perfectly leaving the owners back behind their counter with plenty of time to spare!